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    reda / Mar 10,2023

    Loan / Return System

    Dialoc ID designs and creates optimal material processing efficiency in each library environment.

    Never bend over again; easy access to cart contents for ergonomic work in libraries. Libraries use return bins to select books in combination with sorting machines, libraries, or similar loan/return points.

    reda / Mar 10,2023

    Borrowing and returns system

    The Sapphire 24/7 Bookdrop is a stylish product designed for libraries looking to increase productivity and service to the public. Using a unique technical mechanism, the choice of durable and weather-resistant materials, optimally protected against vandalism and great ease of use, this device is perfectly suited for installation inside and outside the library.

    Sapphire 24/7 Bookdrop allows you to return borrowed documents at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a network outage, the service continues because the book drop has its own computer, and all returns are buffered. Upon reconnection, the book drop will automatically synchronize with the library management system and update the changes.

    Sapphire’s 24/7 Book drop software is “web-based,” meaning that monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance, including firmware updates via the Internet, can be performed from anywhere by the reseller.

    The lights on the public side of Bookdrop guide the user through the return process with utmost ease.

    Step 1: Present the book to open the shutter
    Step 2: Throw the book into the box, after which the shutter will automatically close
    Step 3: The book is now accepted for return and automatically saved as “rendered” in the ILS, the EAS or AFI bit is reactivated.
    Step 4: The device returns to the rest position and waits for new returns.

    reda / Mar 10,2023

    Borrowing and returning Library Management System

    Manual sorting of returned library materials is a tedious and expensive task for libraries. The Ruby Pro sorting system is the ideal solution to automate the return process.
    The structure

    The Ruby Pro AMH sorting system was developed after ample studies over the years. The system can be equipped with an internal or external Sapphire 24/7 Bookdrop return box. The modular system can be expanded from 2 to 3, 5,7,9 sorting stations, etc… Each position provides room for a bespoke sorting bin, with a movable bottom that descends as the content increases.

    This ensures that the fall path of materials is as short as possible to avoid damaging your precious materials. Meanwhile, the lightweight tray can guarantee maximum loading capacity. The braked wheels under the basket guarantee a maximum state of motion.

    reda / Jan 18,2022


    Smart shelves detect and identify all items placed between RFID binders. Once it is located close to the library entrance, it will be easily accessible to users. Books are placed on the shelf and then automatically saved in your library management system. All items are directly available for the next customer to borrow. As a result, more than 25% of all returned books are removed on the same day.