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    About us

    HARMONY TECHNOLOGY proposes and develops innovative programs for businesses, corporations and industries. We are a supplier and integrator of IoT programs, and RFID utilities and we are an active partner in digitalization of many sectors.

    Who we are?

    Harmony Technology is a Moroccan company active in knowledge management and data processing services. Harmony Technology provides creative programs and smart tools that enable its customers to meet their requirements and thanks to the dedication of the team of experts. Harmony Technology maintains a lasting partnership with its clients and gives them confidence and success in their projects.

    Skilled workforce

    One of the factors in Harmony Technology's reputation is its hiring process, which should not be disregarded. In fact, the corporation directly employs its professionals from specialized universities that are in line with its operations. The trainees of Harmony Technologies participate in a variety of initiatives.
    This enables the team at Harmony Technology to identify the most skilled and passionate individuals. We can infer that the company's dedication to its human resources has a significant impact on how it has evolved.

    Quality Approach


    Project Management

    To realize and implement your projects, Harmony Technology implements and manages all stages of your project. This concerns data recovery, personalized training, the entire installation and all settings.



    Integration is our secret to achieving our common scores. This approach is characterized by interaction, customer involvement, development and continuous inclusion.



    To optimize the training, it is usually organized in groups of 5 to 8 participants. This ensures good engagement. At harmony technology, training is led by devoted project managers.


    Support and maintenance

    We are committed to constantly supporting our customers. We are concerned about our customers and are always ready to advise, intervene and propose adjustment at any time.

    Our partners

    Harmony Technologies has established strategic alliances with industry pioneers as well as other key players in order to maintain its position as a leader in its sector.

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