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    To successfully complete your industrial projects and control all risks, Harmony Technology implements Industry 4.0 solutions to improve quality, optimize processes and create for smart factories or use industrial transformation.

    At Harmony Technology, Industry 4.0 corresponds to solutions that improve quality, optimize processes and personalize production. We support our customers before, during and after their industrial transition into smart factories.

    This starts with a foundation ground and ends with completion of the Arrangement. The most apparent advantages are increased productivity and cost effectiveness. Industry 4.0 smart solutions are based on the absolute control of large amounts of data (big data) and their use for decision-making in artificial intelligence services.

    The solutions provided by Harmony Technology are innovative:

    • Intelligent Traceability as a Service (ITaaS)
    • Smart Warehouse Management (SWM) System
    • Predictive and Automated Maintenance ( iNTELLIGENT MAINTENANCE:iMaint)

    Through advanced technologies such as sensors, actuators, Internet of Things (IoT), additive manufacturing (3D printing), identification engineering (RFID, QR, etc.), location technology (Outdoor & Indoor), Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Cloud development methodology.