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    A smart factory within a digital company


    Harmony Technology supports companies by facilitating digital transformation and digitization from the manufacturing plant to industry 4.0 to position itself ahead of the market. Harmony Technology will assist your company in setting up a traceability solution, for example, by integrating RFID tags, which allows you to automatically trace shipments or received products to manage the stock in optimized and considerably reduced time properly.

    The complete product lifecycle layout changes with the digitization of processes. This is focused on the implementation of new collection technologies, transfer, and communication of production data and supply chain in real time.

    Process mapping and reengineering. Within the industry 4.0 production mechanism, the objective is to improve the plant’s performance through digitization. The production environment and internal transformations are changing to involve suppliers and partners more. This makes it possible to predict breakdowns, reduce downtime and anticipate maintenance.

    Harmony Technology set up staff training during the plant’s digital transition process. Harmony Technology supports you to boost the performance of your employees, improve the productivity of your teams and facilitate interaction between man and machine through data analysis.