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    Intelligent Traceability as a Service (ITaaS)


    To retrieve records of different attributes and information of each process at all stages of product manufacturing in the food industry or other industries, you need a powerful tool that can capture important information. Intelligent Traceability as a Service or ITaaS is an intelligent traceability solution that can accomplish this task.

    Thanks to ITaaS, manufacturers can act actively throughout the supply chain with traceable and controllable data in real-time. ITaaS offers intelligent mathematical-based machine learning and automated decision-making.

    In addition, the ITaaS is distinguished by its adaptability and customization. This is possible thanks to its modular architecture comprising a set of processes and procedures (identification process, localization, data processing, decision-making, etc.).

    This traceability solution provided by Harmony Technology offers you global traceability (internal/external and downstream/upstream). The solution complies with international standards such as the ISO 9001 quality management system and the BRC standard.

    Smart Warehouse Management (SWM)

    The “SWM” offers coherent logistics management for warehouse tasks such as receiving, storage, storage, picking, picking and shipping. This solution also allows total control of stocks, optimization of storage capacities and better organization of human and material resources.

    To better manage the tasks of detecting, identifying and locating items, “SWM” includes RFID technology. The solution is even capable of capturing instant and automatic movements at doors, between warehouses or when changing locations.

    This solution that Harmony Technlogy also offers you the real-time capture and visualization of all movements and operational tasks related to the warehouse (picking, order preparation, etc.). Finally, the “SWM” has intelligent features for the global display of key warehouse KPIs. It can automatically specify the location while generating notifications and alerts.


    Predictive and Automated Maintenance ( iNTELLIGENT MAINTENANCE:iMaint)


    For hardware maintenance, we offer a system based on predictive and automated maintenance. Belonging to the new generation of “CMMS” (Computerized maintenance management system) solutions. This solution provided by Harmony Technology ensures continuity of service. The iMaint Smart Maintenance Solution incorporates a new generation of connected sensors and artificial intelligence decision-making algorithms.

    Maintenance activities are activated, while predictive maintenance schedules are established, all thanks to measured parameters (vibration, temperature, brightness, etc.). The iMaint will help maintainers analyze the data and evaluate options. Then they can make the best decision.