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    OneSearch is a discovery tool, its objective is to allow users to search and browse all resources from a centralized general index composed of data from publishers, content aggregators, and local sources (catalogs, depository institutions, digital collections, etc.):

    • Catalog records
    • Digital Library Articles
    • Institutional repository
    • Institutional bibliography
    • Other library collections and resources

    One Search is fully adjustable, so you can implement just the base system or all elements. You can modify or add modules that best suit your needs. A wide range of customizable options allows extensive customization without changing the code.

    One Search is a document search engine that allows users to search and browse different resources and databases.

    OneSearch works with a simple Google-like interface and offers advanced and powerful search.

    1 – Current Search Criteria: quickly view your current search selections and update your search results by deleting the selected items.

    2 – Limiters: refine a search without leaving the results page.

    3 – Filters: filter the search results by type of resource, subject, article, publisher, language, keyword, etc.

    4 – Search history: view and combine past search terms and set up alerts to be notified of new articles.

    5 – Sort the results: sort the results by relevance, by date, or according to well-defined criteria.

    6 – Create a My One Search account: create a personal account to store your favorite items in a personal folder and set your user preferences.

    7 – Share: display alert, link, and bookmark options in this menu.

    8 – Preview and add to recording: click on the icons to preview or add a recording to your recording without leaving the results page.

    9 – Updated information: when activated by a database, updated information is available in the search results.

    10 – Full-text links: the full article is available in HTML, PDF, or both. When full text is available.

    11 – Subject terms: click on a topic for a new list of results.

    12 – Tools menu: allows users to share, print, email, save, quote, or collaborate in Google apps.

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