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    Together with its core business, Harmony Technology also invests in research and development (R & D) activities to spark a need for innovation and next-generation solutions. At the heart of its research and development (R & D) program, the company relies on a strategy based on creativity. Indeed, this strategy is concerned with the different needs of the market in terms of technical, commercial, economic, environmental, sociocultural and sustainability aspects of the solutions to be developed.

    Also, from this point of view, Harmony Technology‘s vision is part of the ambitious vision of the Kingdom of Morocco “… aspiration to digitize different services whether industrial, academic, medical, etc.”

    Here are the objectives set by the line management for this strategy:

    1. At the forefront of new trends in technological progress.
    2. Assert the design of new technical solutions.
    3. Optimize existing offers.
    4. Work in innovative, efficient, scalable and sustainable systems.

    Thus, research and development (R&D) activities involve interdisciplinary teams within companies that have, among other things, multidisciplinary skills in systems engineering and strategic and operational management. Activities include the definition, organization, and validation of innovative work.

    To further affirm the motto “Smart, Beautiful, Innovative”, Harmony Technology is doing everything possible to prove its skills in innovative solutions. Thus, Harmony Technology is with pride mastering all the business process options of each field (industrial processes, Supply Chain Management, health systems, management of academic institutions, etc.). Finally, all this is in compliance with international requirements and standards (SCOR, HACCP, ISO, BRC, INCOSE, IEEE, etc.).