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    Understand the different features of knowledge management


    Harmony Technology offers technological, business, intelligent and intuitive systems to improve the services of your documentation centre or library. Harmony Technology implements an effective knowledge management strategy. Knowledge management is very much for smooth management, time-saving and smart traceability.

    At Harmony Technology, you get advice and support from our experts for settling your projects. Harmony Technology ensures setting up your documentation centre or library and ensures a reliable processing system. Your data is catalogued, indexed and classified according to a well-defined structure. Our teams install and configure the integrated library system. Then a public access catalogue is customized as well as data backup.

    Harmony Technology delivers and sets up anti-theft RFID identification and security systems. Thanks to RFID technology, your documents are in good hands, which excludes the risk of loss or damage.

    Finally, we provide training for the management and use of ILS and the RFID system as well. Our support and maintenance skills are well established. You get optimal support from us.

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