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    1. Securing documental heritage 

    Information security is one of the major challenges of the 21st century, companies must adapt to ensure the adoption of new solutions such as Electronic Document Management (EDM) in order not to save the cost of securing confidential information. Scanning your documents and storing them in certified and secure servers ensures the security of your documentary heritage.

    2. Optimize internal processes

    Today, more than 80% of business content is in the form of documents. This is the origin of business process optimization. The digitalization of companies dictates new business requirements such as the decrease of deadlines, the control of data and the management of document cycles for your employees, customers and partners. How can you take advantage of EDM to optimize your company’s key processes and get closer to 100% digital?

    3. Adapting EDM to your needs

    The needs for EDM vary according to the departments concerned (Human Resources, Trade, Quality, etc.). Identifying the right EDM solutions for people to use is critical to ensuring rapid and consistent adoption across the organization.


    With an EDM, real information governance is possible. Digitization provides value-added archiving, thanks to sharing capabilities, search functionalities, as well as document lifecycle management and their property.

    1. EDM for document sharing:

    An electronic document management system (EDMS) allows for more fluid and sustainable communication with your employees. Document sharing becomes simpler, faster and, above all, more secure. EDMS allows you to manage your data instantly thanks to complete dematerialization and electronic archiving. You revolutionize access to documents, automate the processes of your management systems and give a strong impetus to your digital transformation. EDM systems allow you to share documents without worrying about losing them, or even their size.

    2. EDM for digitalizing documents:
    Our EDMS make it possible to dematerialize, but also to intuitively manage all your electronic documents. Limit consumables and archiving costs, while reducing your environmental footprint.

    Digitalization of invoices
    As for paychecks, the digitalization of invoices makes it possible to better find, consult and share all the invoices that you have written or received. It is a considerable saving of time thanks to a complete documental command and instant sharing.

    Payroll digitalization
    The dematerialization of payroll not only allows the online storage and archiving of all payroll and salary documents but also a considerable gain in productivity thanks to centralized management of your electronic documents.

    Digitalizing contracts
    Your contracts have a strong legal value, it is necessary to take the greatest precautions to keep and secure them. EDMS allows this thanks to a complete digitization of all your contracts.

    3. Backup and collaborative platform

    Many electronic document management software and systems are available on the market. The offers available are designed for collaborative work. In addition to the digitization of commercial and administrative documents, our file management software offers real-time traceability and allows you to work together on documents. Thanks to the collaborative platform, HORIZON DOCS accelerates, at the pace of your growth, innovation, the engagement of your employees as well as customer proximity to strive for operational excellence.