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    For healthcare systems, choose a smart hospital: medical installations are more efficient at managing patient moves, monitoring patients’ vital signs, analyzing data to advance disease, integrating communication and smart objects, and more.
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, patient circulation is again in the spotlight. Harmony Technology solutions will help you better manage patient movement by organizing patient travel within your healthcare facility, optimizing your medical resources. Monitoring patient medical data, in real-time and related events, our solutions allow monitoring, detection and intervention to adapt to the situation. You will have real-time visibility into hospital admission, hospitalization, and discharge. Improving patient flow means guaranteeing the quality, speed, and efficiency of care and patient satisfaction.
    In the back office, Harmony Technology’s digital solutions perform post-production analysis of information to detect errors, improve management resources, and build predictive models to respond to unknown crises and manage complex situations.

    Smart Hospital