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    Borrowing and returning Library Management System

    Manual sorting of returned library materials is a tedious and expensive task for libraries. The Ruby Pro sorting system is the ideal solution to automate the return process.
    The structure

    The Ruby Pro AMH sorting system was developed after ample studies over the years. The system can be equipped with an internal or external Sapphire 24/7 Bookdrop return box. The modular system can be expanded from 2 to 3, 5,7,9 sorting stations, etc… Each position provides room for a bespoke sorting bin, with a movable bottom that descends as the content increases.

    This ensures that the fall path of materials is as short as possible to avoid damaging your precious materials. Meanwhile, the lightweight tray can guarantee maximum loading capacity. The braked wheels under the basket guarantee a maximum state of motion.


    The front of the system 

    The Sapphire 24/7 Bookdrop internal or external return box reader recognizes the RFID tags in the books and unlocks the box. The LED indication system (LIS) guides the user through the return process in a very user-friendly way. 

    Le système de tri Ruby Pro traite jusqu’à 1500 articles par heure de manière simple et rapide. La vitesse pratique dépend en partie du type de bus choisi et de la vitesse de communication avec le système de bibliothèque sous-jacent. Le système a une structure modulaire grâce à laquelle chaque module peut remplir 2 ou 3 bacs de tri. Les modules peuvent être placés l’un derrière l’autre et commutés, de sorte que le système est étendu à 2 stations de tri par module.

    System features 

    The Ruby Pro sorting system processes up to 1500 items per hour quickly and easily. The practical speed depends in part on the type of bus chosen and the speed of communication with the underlying library system. The system has a modular structure, thanks to which each module can fill 2 or 3 sorting bins. The modules can be placed one behind the other and switched, so that the system is extended to 2 sorting stations per module. 

    The modules can process the thinnest sheets or books, as they use a specially developed dense conveyor system with 2 belts, instead of open roller systems and open systems. Blue light indicators alert staff when a bin is almost full and needs to be changed. 

    Ruby Pro AMH Sorting System 

    Material:  aluminium and stainless steel 

    Dimensions of the elements that can be sorted
    : Maximum dimensions: Minimum dimensions:
     Length 400 mm (about 1.31 ft)                            Length 100 mm (about 3.94 in)
     Width 400 mm (about 1.31 ft)                             Width 80 mm (about 3.15 in),
     Thickness 65 mm (about 2.56 in)                       Thickness 3 mm (about 0.12 in) 

    Footprint: 750 x 500 mm (per module) 

    Power supply required: depending on the number of modules
    Power consumption: Max. 450 watts in operation, 40 watts in standby mode 

    Weight: 50 kg (per module) 

    Air consumption: no theoreticalcapacity: 1500 pieces / hour 

    Consistency: 13.56 Mhz, ISO 15693 / ISO 18000-3 mode 1 

    Software: pre-installed and configured. Supports LMS / ILS protocols in accordance with SIP2 and operation is autonomous. 

    Network: 1 × 10/100 MBRJ45 

    OS: Sigmatek 

    Service: special VPN connection 

    Installation: insert (e.g., with Sapphire ™ 24/7 Bookdrop), wall installation 

    Compliance with standards: CE / EMC compliant, EN 1050-1 compliant