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    Hybrid security detection system

    With its high-density plexiglass and stainless-steel construction, the Diamond RFID Premium system brings an extremely luxurious appearance to any library environment.

    Diamond RFID Premium reduces unauthorized borrowing of your valuable library materials by detecting RFID tags in any orientation.

    The features

    Fully digital setting (DSP) visual alarm and sound radio frequency identification (RFID) technology

    remote access possibility of multi-passage barriers integrated bidirectional flow
    meter with display


    Diamond EM PremiumDimensions:
    :  655 x   20 x 1900 mm  (W x D x H)
     Base:  705 x 120 x     20 mm  (W x D x H) 

    – N.W.: 37.5KGS; 

     Depending on the type and size of the label:
     • Single pass System 2: up to 0.90 meter
     • Double pass System 3: up to 1.80 meter 

    EM / RFID Specifications: Operating
     frequency: 366 Hz / 13.56 MHz Transmitting
     power: 3 W
     Type of tags supported:
     – all EM tags from Dialoc ID and other suppliers-ISO
     15693 RFID tags, NXP SLI and NXP SLI-X 

    Compliance with CE regulation 

    Interface: CAN Exit
     (TCP / IP) via the USB / Ethernet to can bridge tool. 

     Panel: 20 mm, high density transparent Plexiglas® PMMA, weather and UV resistant, 92% light transmission
     Base: stainless steel