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    Borrowing and returns system

    The Sapphire 24/7 Bookdrop is a stylish product designed for libraries looking to increase productivity and service to the public. Using a unique technical mechanism, the choice of durable and weather-resistant materials, optimally protected against vandalism and great ease of use, this device is perfectly suited for installation inside and outside the library.

    Sapphire 24/7 Bookdrop allows you to return borrowed documents at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a network outage, the service continues because the book drop has its own computer, and all returns are buffered. Upon reconnection, the book drop will automatically synchronize with the library management system and update the changes.

    Sapphire’s 24/7 Book drop software is “web-based,” meaning that monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance, including firmware updates via the Internet, can be performed from anywhere by the reseller.

    The lights on the public side of Bookdrop guide the user through the return process with utmost ease.

    Step 1: Present the book to open the shutter
    Step 2: Throw the book into the box, after which the shutter will automatically close
    Step 3: The book is now accepted for return and automatically saved as “rendered” in the ILS, the EAS or AFI bit is reactivated.
    Step 4: The device returns to the rest position and waits for new returns.



    Unique 3D return station against vandalism Intuitive
     process for comfortable use
     Flexible and modular design in a timeless
     design SIP 2compatible 

    Allows the return of equipment 24/7 

    Sapphire 24/7 Bookdrop Return Box 

     Decorative disc front: Ø 965 mm (about 3.17 ft)   

    Integrated case: 600 x 602 x 530 mm (length x height x depth)
     Cutout for installation: 620 x 622 x 550 mm (length x height x depth) 

    Material: Stainless Steel 

    Weight: 92 kg. 

    Function: return point Return
     materials: books / magazines /media
     Dimensions of items that can be sorted: 

    dimensions: 360 mm (about 1.18 ft) x 360 mm (about 1.18 ft) x 65 mm (length x width x thickness) 

    Minimum dimensions: 100 mm (about 3.94 in) x 80 mm (about 3.15 in) x 3 mm (length x width x thickness) 

    PC Operating System: Windows 10 

    EmbeddedPC : FEC BP-325, 4GB RAM, 2.5 ″ 320GB SATA hard drive, USB connection, VGAL
    software: For installed and configured systems, LMS / ILS Supports SIP2-compliant protocols. 

    EAS and AFI: supported 

    Data Models: Danish (ISO 28560-3), Dutch, 3M Digital, 3M Alphanumeric, Tagvision 

    Compliance with CE regulation 

    Power: 100 ~ 240V
    PowerCord: 1.8 mL Length RFID
     1 Watt Max, Freq 13.56 Mhz, supports ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3 mode
    1Communicationcable: Standard UTP Working
    environment: Temperature: -10ºC <> +45ºC