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    The Moroccan strategy for a digital public administration is due to be implemented by 2030

    Posted Oct,24 2023

    Morocco is embarking on a national digital transition strategy aimed at adapting the highest priority needs of the public administration to the challenges of digitization. The Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform is working on the creation of a framework for measuring the digital maturity of the public administration, an essential tool for implementing the digital transformation strategy by 2030. 

    This framework will assess the digital capacity of administrations, the digital transformation of services, and their impact on citizens. It will enable regular monitoring of the digital maturity of public administrations and facilitate decision-making to enhance digital services. 

    The ministry underscores the importance of simplifying administrative procedures, which contributes to the implementation of Law 55-19 on the simplification of administrative procedures and formalities. This law aims to promote the digitalization of public services to create a citizen-centric, transparent, and accessible administration. 

    As part of this initiative, consultations were held in 2022, bringing together public and private stakeholders, investors, young digital specialists, and civil society. These meetings aim to ensure regional buy-in to the digital inclusion momentum and the improvement of digital services. 

    The overall goal is to transform Morocco into a digital hub, in line with the enlightened royal vision, and involve citizens in the development of this strategy. The ministry is committed to supporting administrations in their digital projects, emphasizing user experience and promoting knowledge exchange in the digital field.