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    reda / Mar 10,2023

    The Ruby RFID Board is designed to convert, program, and identify RF library tags in books, magazines, and more.

    Seamless technology integration

    The Ruby RFID Board is a fast and efficient tool for writing or reading RFID tags and programming the EAS or AFI bit. The unit can operate in stand-alone mode or in host mode connected to the ILS. The device can be simply placed or mounted under a desk (non-metallic).

    reda / Jan 19,2022


    The MidRanger Rfid reader with antenna is a complete device for reading RFID library elements activated on 13.56 MHz. The product allows for a short range protected sensing field and can be used as an office solution or can be mounted under a table (non-metallic).

    The reader and antenna are both based on the 50 Ω standard. The 50 Ω allows for standardized communications and changes in cable length between the antenna and the reader.