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    The Ruby RFID Board is designed to convert, program, and identify RF library tags in books, magazines, and more.

    Seamless technology integration

    The Ruby RFID Board is a fast and efficient tool for writing or reading RFID tags and programming the EAS or AFI bit. The unit can operate in stand-alone mode or in host mode connected to the ILS. The device can be simply placed or mounted under a desk (non-metallic).


    The Ruby RFID board is available in 3 versions: 

    — Armored table model-table model-under
    — counter model
    — Features 

    easy to install standard USB
     connection, power supply via USB, and no external power supply. EAS or AFI anti-theft.
     adjustment: processing of loans and returns Multi-label
     readout (anti-collision protocol) shielded
     version capable of operating in any environment 


    The Ruby board is supplied as standard in a white color, other colors are available on request. 

    Version  Protected  Table model  Under Counter 
    Dimensions LxWxH (mm)  300 × 210 × 27  300 × 210 × 13  300 × 210 × 13 
    Weight (kg)  1.8  1.2  1.2 
    Surface material  impact resistant composite  impact resistant composite  PVC 
    Bottom  stainless steel  PVC  PVC 

    Functions: Setting the anti-theft bit (EAS or AFI): deactivation in case of loan, reactivation during returns 

    Compatibility: Autonomous
     mode or “host” operation, connected to the ILS USB
     interface for communication with the library software (ILS)
     Compatible with all documents: Books / Magazines / Media 

    Standard:   ISO 15693 / 18000-3 mode 1 / IS28560-2
     Compliance with standards:   CE / EMC 

    Article protection: EAS or AFI
     Identification of the article: RFID reader (HF tags) 

    Software: YourLib® Staff Station, including YourLib® ID Converter and a convenient plug-in.
     Option: YourLib® Advanced Repair Software is software to repair defective converted labels.
     Power: via USB 

    Working environment: Temperature: – 10ºC <> + 45ºC