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    reda / Mar 10,2023

    The organizational structure of libraries will change almost everywhere in the world over the next few years. The effect of digitalization and reductions leads to changes in roles, which means that work must be increasingly efficient and time-saving.

    First, the role of the librarian is changing. There are constantly new services and products for which the Back Office is subject to higher requirements. The workload of the Front Office is increasing because it has to offer a new package of services. One example is the growing need for information from users, schools, and even universities who cannot find all the information they need on the Internet.

    An additional problem for libraries is that they are increasingly working with volunteers. In the Netherlands, for example, 92% of libraries use volunteers. In some libraries, they make up 60% or more of the workforce. Although these people are often offered training, they still require a lot of time from permanent employees.

    reda / Jan 19,2022


    The LibAssist Handheld Reader consists of an RFID reader that communicates via a wireless connection (wifi / usb / bluetooth). The LibAssist software has three main functions: inventory, research and weeding. The inventory reader software controls the RFID reader and analyzes the new tags.


    In inventory mode, each scanned RFID tag is stored in a list and stored in a file, which can be exported to a Windows® PC with the software that accompanies the LibAssist Handheld Reader.