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    Borrowing and returning system

    Sapphire workstations are designed to convert, program and identify library labels in books, magazines, etc.
    The Sapphire RFID Workstation is a fast and efficient tool for writing or reading RFID tags and programming the EAS or AFI bit. The unit can operate in stand-alone mode or in host mode connected to the ILS.

    Design and functionality

    The ergonomic design, the use of durable materials and the capacitive touch screen ensure pleasant use of this device. The intuitive display (LED Information Service) provides the user with clear information about the state of the work process.


    The lights simply display 3 colors: 

    BLUE: functioning
    GREEN: access granted, continue
    RED: access denied, do not continue 


    Sapphire workstations are supplied as standard in a brown/ gray color. Other colors are available on request. 



    • Height: 112 mm (about 4.41 in) 
    • Width: 544 mm (about 1.78 ft) 
    • Depth: 358 mm (about 1.17 ft) 

    Material: Stainless Steel, PS, Impact Resistant Composite 

    Weight: 12 kg 

    Functions: Setting the anti-theft bit (EAS or AFI): deactivation in case of loan, reactivation during returns 

    Compatibility: Autonomous mode of operation or “host” mode linked to the IBS USB interface for communication with the library software (ILS) 

    Compatible documents: Books / Magazines / Media 

    Standard:   ISO 15693 / 18000-3 mode 1 / ISO28560
    Compliance with standards:   CE / EMC 

    Article protection: EAS or AFI
    Identification of the article: RFID (HF) reader (HF tags) 

    Optional software: Special integrated software for barcode to RFID conversion 

    Power Supply: 12V DC 2AAAC
    Adapter Supplied 100 – 240V,0.55-0.3A
    60/50HzWorking Environment: Temperature: -10ºC <> +45ºC