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    RFID tags for increased productivity

    Libraries can increase productivity by using our special RFID tags, equipped with the NXP Sli-X chip, to identify, record, protect and search all documents.

    With Dialoc the library can rely on top quality labels with a great reading distance that will persist throughout the life of the medium.

    Book RFID tags are a very important element in the overall solution. The wrong choice of tags can partially cancel an investment. RFID
    tags for books

    Dialoc ID RFID tags are made from an aluminum antenna that has been developed and optimized for use on or in books to improve the performance of sensing gantries. An NXP Sli-X chip is attached to the antenna. This chip is the most used in the world for this application. Data retention (= ownership of data retention) is considered one of the best and guarantees a long lifespan.

    The top of the book label is made of a special material, a material with good hygroscopic properties, so that moisture cannot penetrate the label and reduce the reading distance in the safety gantries.


    Dialoc ID RFID tags are available on request with logos in both single and multiple colors. In addition, the label can be supplied with a bar code, and the chip can be programmed. We have advanced software to process the data contained in the labels. 

    Contact us and be informed of the possibilities. 


    Antenna size: 45 × 76 mm (about 2.99 in) 45 × 45 mm (about 1.77 in) 

    Label size: 50 x 80mm (about 3.15 in) 50 x 50 mm