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    With the Librix Online monitoring tool, you now have accurate information about everything that’s going on in your library. In addition to information about the number of visitors to your library, you can also get an overview of the performance of your RFID equipment. In addition, you can easily export statistical data to, for example, make comparisons between several periods and help you with your periodic reports.


    • Very user-friendly 
    • Analyze customer behavior 
    • Deal with problems immediately 
    • Available from any location 
    • No hardware investment or maintenance required 
    • Export statistical data to make comparisons 


    The Librix Online back office is a website. This means that you do not need to install any software on your computer to use it. Therefore, starting is easy as 1-2-3. You receive a username and password. On any computer, you visit and you do business. On top of that, we’re continually improving Librix Online by tweaking and adding features. Due to the fact that this is a website, no local updates are required. You are always up to date. 


    With the Librix Online monitoring tool, you now have accurate information about everything that’s going on in your library. When a device operates outside a set of restrictions, you are notified. In addition, Librix Online immediately provides possible solutions for problems that occur. We also monitor your connection with your library management system. When the communication speed to and from the LMS decreases, you are notified. 


    Librix Online allows you to analyze user behavior. It shows you which devices are actively being used. It also shows you what users are doing on these devices. This way, before you invest in additional self-service equipment, you may find that moving a device that is barely used for a “hot spot” into your library will solve your capacity problems. 


    Librix Online can be used to make service calls. The user clicks on a device in Librix Online that they have a request for and adds any additional information they want to share. The local Nedap Librix partner will receive an email and can check the status of the device in Librix Online. The clear way in which Librix Online reports any problem that occurs with the equipment will speed up the problemtaking and help to solve the problems in no time.