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    Special security strips for books

    Dialoc ID offers several choices of EM security labels. These tags can be used to secure books and other valuable documents and media in the library.

    We strive to make it as easy as possible for staff to apply the labels, while the detection performance should be as high as possible.

    The glue of our labels has a neutral pH and does not migrate into the paper, your books will not yellow and will not be chemically damaged over time.


    Our labels also work exceptionally well on other brands’ systems. 

    • Neutral pH (little or no acid and alkaline properties), 
    • Special paper 
    • High-quality signal carrier (AHP), which ensures good detection properties 
    • Long “tails” and special “tools” make it easy to set up 

    EM safety bands from Dialoc ID are available in 2 versions; 

     Length 125 mm: works perfectly in EM systems from Dialoc ID) 

     Length 165 mm: recommended for electromagnetic systems from other brands 

    Use: single-sided adhesives, type (SSA) for laying on a rigid cover or on the back of large books, two-sided adhesives, type (DSA) for bonding between two pages, as close as possible to the edge of the file