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    Borrowing and returns system

    The Sapphire is a high-tech, ergonomically designed self-service automaton that integrates seamlessly into the logistics process. Its modular construction offers great flexibility to libraries wishing to migrate to identification technologies now and in the future.

    The Sapphire EM self-service PLC seamlessly combines barcode technology (for item identification and membership cards) with security EM technology (by disabling EM tags after successful item registration). This simple one-touch operation is carried out in a user-friendly environment.


    The LIS (LED Information Service) display provides the user with accurate and intuitive information about the status of the work process. 

    This display adopts 3 colors: 

    BLUE: in operation
    GREEN: access granted, continue
    RED: access denied, do not continue 

    The 22-inch HD touchscreen, built-in receipt printer, EM activator/deactivator, barcode scanners for items and cards are integrated into a sleek, compact, high-quality housing that is easy to use and move around in a library.MyLib ®
    software with enhanced performance 

    The self-service unit comes with our complete MyLib® software, which provides registration, lending and renewal functions, pre-configured to connect to an IBS (Integrated Library Management System) via the standard SIP2 protocol which is fully supported

    Sapphire workstations are supplied as standard in a brown/ gray color. On request, other colors are available. Sapphire EM
     Dimensions self-service machine

    • Height: 663 mm (about 2.18 ft) 
    • Width:  638 mm (about 2.09 ft) 
    • Depth:  568 mm (about 1.86 ft) 

    Material: Stainless Steel, PS, Impact Resistant Composite 

    My weight: 37 kg 

    Functions: Self-service, the loan/return PLC 

    Compatibility:  SIP2 

    Standard:   ISO 15693 / 18000-3 mode 1 / ISO28560
     Compliance with standards:   CE / EMC 

    Check-in / check-out materials:  Books / Magazines / Media 

    Touchscreen PC:
     High-quality 16: 9 Full HD 22″ LCD touchscreen with wide-angle VA panel. Dust and waterproof (IP65), Chipset: Intel® QM77, CPU: Intel® 2nd and 3rd Generation Intel Core ™ i3, i5, i7, Mobile TPD Processor > 35W 

    Thermal with 180 dpi print head, 250 mm (about 9.84 in) / second print speed, ensuring crisp and clear receipts and eye-catching logos. 

    Item identification: barcode imager  

    Reader identification: barcode image 

    object protection: EM technology, EM anti-theft activation (& deactivation) 

    Software: Dialoc ID MyLib® software, pre-installed and configured. Supports SIP2 and NCIP LMS / ILS protocols and is independent of the data model. Access to the library network is required. 

    Power supply: 230 V Working environment: Temperature: -10ºC <> +45ºC