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    reda / Jan 19,2022


    With the Librix Online monitoring tool, you now have accurate information about everything that’s going on in your library. In addition to information about the number of visitors to your library, you can also get an overview of the performance of your RFID equipment. In addition, you can easily export statistical data to, for example, make comparisons between several periods and help you with your periodic reports.

    reda / Jan 18,2022


    The EcoReader is a high-power RFID reader designed for applications requiring a wide reading range or must be able to detect a large amount of RFID tags simultaneously. These applications include anti-theft detection antennas and smart shelves. Start saving energy.
    Every EcoReader is delivered with a free energy management module. This implies that for each player, you can decide when you want the player to be powered on and when you want it to stop. When you log in to our Librix Online platform, you can even set different timeframes for every day of the week. On an annual basis, this can save more than 60% of energy consumption. Because in our opinion, every milliwatt counts.